Rachna Lien

Family Law Lawyer Clayton, MO

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Rachna introduces herself as a lawyer, but still a nice person. She is dedicated to helping people access the tools the legal system has to offer in settling disputes and overcoming challenges. Rachna proudly offers her professional guidance and assistance to those needing a lawyer who is compassionate, flexible, and experienced.

Rachna has seen first hand how the legal system can help in difficult life situations. She has also seen how a lack of competent legal help can lead to undesirable results that no one deserves to face. Her background includes work with survivors of sexual violence, particularly in family court. Rachna is fueled by her desire to ensure that everyone has access to the legal system, no matter how simple or complicated a situation may be. She strongly believes that every legal process, from simple documents to complicated litigation, deserves strong advocacy, attention to detail, and a practical outlook.

At The Lien Law Firm, Rachna focuses on working with clients who want to focus on long-term goals. She sees her role in the legal system as a facilitator who helps individuals make the best decisions for themselves. She tries to minimize financial burdens by offering legal coaching that teach individuals how to complete legal tasks and represent themselves in court. Rachna believes strongly in reaching settlements and resolving conflicts out of court whenever possible. When necessary, however, she is ready to step in and litigate on her client’s behalf.